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Stockholm - Sweden
Ph: +46 70 306 2208

Hello, my name is Ibrahim and I digitally simulate natural phenomena.

I’m a real-time VFX + Houdini technical Artist focusing on dynamic simulation, procedural workflow, and cinematic. I’m now in Stockholm and open to new job opportunities.

About Me


I’ve always considered myself to be a rebel of sorts. I was always yearning for more tech and creative fulfillment. I’m never, ever satisfied with the status quo.

Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace my disruptive nature. Impatiently devouring knowledge while working as a multi-disciplined digital designer enabled me to birth my own passion for real-time VFX, Lighting, and Compositing.

I was also passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: film, techno music, philosophy, entrepreneurship, creativity, space rockets, fitness, and video game, just to name a few.


I am a VFX and Houdini technical artist, with deep knowledge of tools and pipelines for game asset development. My passion is to help to bring extra life to the environment, characters, weapons, vehicles. I am eager to create VFX help to immerse the player in a believable world, from using ambient effects for things like insects around the player and rain dripping off buildings up to large scale destruction events like skyscrapers crashing to the ground.
As a Houdini Technical and VFX Artist, I will provide support building and delivering key technologies and workflows that enable artists and designers to quickly implement visual content into your games.

Why Me

I have a strong eye for artistic quality and knowledge of real-time requirements and constraints. and because of my background educations a technical side ” my degree in computer science” and the artistic side ” my education at both Hyper Island and FutureGames” make me capable to act as a bridge between art and engineering demonstrating superior communication skills to facilitate problem-solving between departments while adding new ideas, new techniques and working with the latest technologies to create world-class games.

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I’m Technical and VFX Artist. Strong working knowledge of Houdini, natural phenomena simulations, Pyro / RBD / FLIP / Cloth / Grain simulation, VEX & Phyton.

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